Health Care Reform – the little things

The Young are not enrolling–  last month, the administration reported only 34% of the young adult category had enrolled.  While it was better this month, it still is a serious concern for funding the costs of subsidies.

Bad Information causes consumers to waste money- the information presented to consumers will lead many to plans that will cost them thousands more than they should be spending and may be bad fits in other ways, according to nonprofit Consumers’ CHECKBOOK, which has for 35 years provided consumers health insurance advice Shutdown – from 2/15 through 2/18 the subsidy calculator will be shut down for “routine maintenance” and no applications will be processed.  I am thinking 3 days can’t be “routine”maintenance IMHO.

3.3 million enrolled under PPACA – however, insurance companies are reporting that 1/5 (20%) of enrollees did not pay in time and did not have coverage on January 1.

The number of people who selected private “qualified health plans” (QHPs) through the new public health insurance exchanges fell 44 percent between December and January, to about 1.1 million.

Can Hospitals pay premiums for sick people- Regulators are trying to accommodate existing programs that help sick consumers pay for federal exchange plan coverage without letting new aid programs drive up claims.  The fear is that if hospitals did this, they would get paid but both the claims and subsidies would be higher.  Interesting reading.