Information on Oxford Pediatric Dental

Oxford has begun sending out pediatric dental ID cards early to 3/1 renewals .  Pediatric dental as per the Health Care reform laws needs to be offered to small groups so all of Oxford’s renewing small group plans will have Pediatric Dental “baked into them” and it cannot be removed in small group off exchange products.  There isn’t a ton of marketing and benefit info so I have attached what we have.  Below is info on the network and some other info:

In the interim,  I am hoping the attached from our seminar does help as another piece that was released regarding EHB (and speaks about what is covered under the pediatric benefits).  I’ve also provided the links to search for providers below:

1.            Dental Provider Search:

HMO:  Search using NY Selected Managed Care All other Plans: NATIONAL OPTIONS PPO 20

2.            Vision Provider Search:


An issue has come up recently where Oxford members are receiving Dental ID cards. Here is the article on the pediatric dental benefit. It appears Oxford was not included as an Audience in error when it was originally created:


Summary of Information:

Beginning January 2014 additional Essential Health Benefits became effective for customers upon renewal.  This includes the Pediatric Dental Benefit for Small Business Customers (2-50) under the age of 19.  As this process takes place a new dental ID card is generated.  The ID card should contain the subscribers name only.  ID cards are being sent as information is loaded, please be aware that customers may receive an ID card in advance of their renewal effective date.  Dental coverage does not become effective however until the customers renewal onto a 2014 EHB Compliant Plan.

As previously communicated, customers in NJ who chose to remain on their Transitional Policy (2013), will not be subject to all of the EHB included components until they move to a compliant plan as part of a future renewal.

Will I use my medical card when I take my eight year old to the dentist?

Pediatric dental members (generally those under the age of 19) will be issued a separate pediatric dental ID card.  Note that as the subscriber to the plan, only your name will be listed on the pediatric dental card.  The card will include all the contact information your dentist will need to verify eligibility and benefits.  If you have additional dental benefits with UnitedHealthcare for your daughter, we will process all your eligible dental benefits through one claim submission.

Where can I find the list of dentists available to my child and me?

When you become a member, sign on to, your medical plan website.  You will see a link to the dental member website at left.  Follow that to “Find a dentist.” Once you’ve logged in, you will see dentists who are part of your network.