Blue Choice Network Expansion

MyChoice® Advantage Network Expansion

We have added an additional 2,700 providers, including more than 900 primary care physicians, to the MyChoice Advantage network. Now our network has 40 hospitals and more than 6,000 professional providers.

The MyChoice Advantage network is an exclusive provider organization (EPO). Members must choose care providers from the network to receive reimbursement for health services, although exceptions may be made for emergency situations.

Members are strongly recommended to choose a primary care physician (PCP) to handle most medical issues, but this is not required.

Members do not need PCP referrals for specialists. They should check our Doctor & Hospital Finder to confirm whether a specialist is in the MyChoice Advantage EPO network.

We will continue expanding our network as we work toward our main objective — to provide members with access to the care they need.

A reminder: Our current MyChoice Individual open access plans are still available for effective dates of Nov. 1 and Dec. 1. These include our Value plans, which have a $5 PCP copayment for Doctor’s Care and CVS Minute Clinics. These 2013 plans are not available online. Please have your client fill out a paper application to apply. Individuals and families on these plans can stay on their plan through August 2014. At that time, they will need to purchase one of the new, qualified health insurance plans.