Lets no forget about the other employee benefits…

With all the noise occurring about Health care reform, exchanges, dropping spouses, Metal plans etc… its easy to forget that employees have other needs besides health care.  These benefits do not have to cost you a penny, either.

4 out of 5 of your employees need Life Insurance- 30% of American Households have no life insurance at all, and 50% of those with insurance say they need more.  This is easily solved with an inexpensive  group life insurance policy.  You can give your employees the change to buy up to $300,000 of life insurance for very little cost.  As an example, one of my clients has a plan that a 40 year old employee can get $100,000 of life coverage for only $5.08/week!

Combine the entire population of Florida and California… and thats how many people are disabled at any one time!  And 35 million Americans are “severely” disabled today.   You can help your employees by offering a short and/or long term disability policy.

90% of working Americans would seek legal services for even small legal situations – except cost is a major hurdle.  You can solve that with a legal protection plan for your employees.  For as little as $4 a week, your employees can get assistance and access an attorney on Family, auto, estate, financial and home legal issues.

There are plenty more examples, and its easier for the employer to solve the problem than it is for the employee.