Defunding ObamaCare? Why?

It doesn’t matter much what Congress does, or says, about ObamaCare.  And no, defunding it won’t happen, and even if Congress passes it, it won’t matter.

There – I said it.  Out loud.  Does anyone inside the beltway really think that “defunding” the process can change it, less than three weeks before enrollment?  The insurance industry has spent billions on modifying software, hardware, people and systems – all to comply.  Venture capitalists and private investors have invested billions into forming new companies authorized under the law, and building exchanges with private dollars.  Hundreds of Thousands of jobs are tied up in Co-ops, exchanges and new health care companies around the country.  None of this will be reversed.

Americans everywhere – while they don’t like the law they don’t understand – anxiously await the ability to finally get insurance even through they have diabetes, cardiac issues, and cancer.  Oh, and eczema – which my grandaughter got turned down for by Blue Cross at the age of 3.   Health Insurance Reform is finally about to be here.

And while the law is a mess – we still don’t have rates for the exchanges in many areas, for example – it is the law.  It has been the law for four years, and finally the few parts of it that are good are about to occur.

It is far too late to “cancel” things, to “defund” things.  There are no do-overs in the real world. It is here, and the time for all this was four years ago, or perhaps before it was passed.  Perhaps our lawmakers would be better served by trying to get a bipartisan coalition to fix the bad things – the employer mandate, the cadillac tax, the unfunded mandates, the unnecessary benefits that are driving increases, the elimination of the high deductible plan.  Perhaps they could focus on the things they missed – tort reform, reducing malpractice costs, and aggressive fraud prosecution come to mind.

Only, that might not get votes and appease the fringe elements in both parties.  So instead we have political theatre to distract us from how badly Congress and the Executive Branch- both parties- has performed over the last four years on this issue.

It might even be entertaining, assuming I had any time to enjoy it!