Will your state Exchange Website be ready?

California has announced the Exchange Website for Covered California will not be ready.  Oregon has stated that they will only take paper and phone applications “the first few weeks.”  A government audit this month raised concerns about whether the federal system would complete testing for data security in time for an Oct. 1 launch. The testing is crucial to show that the system can safely transmit tax information and other data among state exchanges and federal agencies.

Questions about the “medicaid expansion” still exist in many states;  where state government has refused the medicaid expansion, how will those between 100-133% of  Federal Poverty Level go?  They can’t go to the exchange, and they can’t go to Medicaid?

What is puzzling to me is the states involved.  Many so-called “red”states took no action to move forward with the hope that Mr. Obama would lose, and that Congress and the new President would throw health care reform out.  But these problems – at least so far – are “Blue States” that should have been ready… Lets face it, we have know this is coming for four years, and all the states should have done better.

It remains a bad law in my eyes, but its the law – and we have to live with it the best we can.  I have spent 30 hours so far making sure I was ready to help my clients with the exchanges.  The least the Government can do is make sure they are ready.