How will the exchanges actually work

THis weeks collection of rules, regs and insights into Health Care Reform comes in the form of a guidance letter from CMS CCIIO (you gotta love that) – the Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight.  It provided some missing details.


Individuals going to the exchange (now “The Marketplace”), after they have put in their application information and selected a plan, will be directed to the insurers website to make payment arrangements, select primary care physicians, and provide any other needed information.

Inusrance Carriers will share information daily with the Federal Exchange on enrollments, updatesd and cancellations.  CMS will operate a call center (English and Spanish) to provide basic information about the exchange and the options on it.


On another note, also released this week was the “HHS Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters for 2014.”  This is a higly technical document having to do with risk adjustment pools inside Health Care Reform, and the many formulas used to calculate who gets what.  If you are really into “how the watch works” its fascinating reading.  Really. – Reeve