How Employees waste your time! (or improving your meetings)

A recent study published by the Charleston Regional Business Journal shows that $134 Billion of payroll cash can be attributed to workers goofing off!

And you will probably be surprised at why… The biggest single reason?  Not being Challenged enough!  Followed closely by too long hours, no incentives and being unsatisfied in their job.

The biggest time waster identified by 47% of employees was (no surprise here) Meetings.  Meetings need to be productive uses of everyones time.  Have an agenda, publish it in advance.  Make sure everyone knows why they are coming and what they are expected to contribute to the meeting.  Set definitive start and end times, and stick to it.  How many times have you sat in a meeting thinking “why am I here, this isn’t my project,” seen meetings held up while someone runs to their desk to get a report they should have had with them, or the meeting starts late because everyone is talking and having donuts while we wait for Joe, who is late yet again.

Some employees are more than happy to come early and leave late _it keeps them from the mundane tasks awaiting them at their desk.  Find ways to Challenge your people to be valuable contributors to the process.

Try the Forbes approach to meetings – no donuts, no chairs.  I did this once, and it was amazing how fast people standing arond the room got to the point and went back to work.

Or don’t.  Its OK, its just your share of $134,000,000,000 you are wasting.