Health Care shorts…

Costs grew at a faster-than-expected pace in 2011, rising 4.6% to $4,547 a person for employer-sponsored plans.At the same time, out-of-pocket expenses grew to $735/person, with the fastest growth inoutpatient services, and the slowest growth in prescriptions.

However, another survey reported that the expected rate increases for HMO’s is 8.5% this year, and 9.3% for PPO’s and High Deductible Health Plans.  Meanwhile the number of uninsured continue to grow, and according to the census bureau, the most uninusred live in Texas (26.3%), Florida (25.3%) and Nevada (25.1%.).

A recent article in Benefits Selling starts out “The Doctor will not be in – and its going to be a problem.”  Fully 34% of physicians say they will quit practicing medicine int he next decade., blaming economic difficulties and Health Care Reform.  This year alone, 16% of physicians went part-time, retired, or left medicine – according to one of the nations largest Medical Staffing Agencies.  Considering that this occurs just as the baby boomers hit 65, recent (and impending) cuts in Medicare, this does not bode well.