Working from home saves everyone money and stress!

Telecommuting – working from home some, or all of the time, continues to grow in popularity.  In the last 8 years the US Workforce has grown just 3%, but the number of telecommuters has grown by 66%.  While 86% of Americans still drive to work, the 14% that don’t seem happier in most surveys as well.  Why?

Statistics show that the average commuter spends $1500 a year on gas just driving back and forth tow work.  Commuters, because of stress, also tend to have higher BP and other medical issues – telecommuters reports 25% lower stress levels.  Productivity, according to one survey, is also 13% higher.  This doesn’t take into account the costs of work-related clothing, and meals out of the home, which two surveys said saves the average commuter another $3000 a year! 

There is no doubt that – as the information age and technology makes this easier – working from home part or full time will continue to grow in popularity.

 – Reeve