Carolina Care- Generic Plavix






Plavix® Available Soon; Medco Offering Split DispensingThe generic version of

Plavix (clopidogrel), a drug used to help prevent harmful blood clots that may leadto heart attacks or strokes, is expected to be available for doctors to prescribe in May 2012. In late

February, Medco will mail letters and a Frequently Asked Questions document to our members who have

filled a prescription for

Plavix through the Medco Pharmacy® mail-order service within the past 120 daysto notify them of the upcoming availability of the generic drug.

The letter also announces a new dispensing method Medco may selectively use as future generic drugs are

launched and meet certain criteria (e.g., available from multiple sources immediately instead of one

exclusive manufacturer). In anticipation of generic

Plavix, Medco will dispense partial supplies of thebrand-name drug to members who order a new prescription or request a refill through the Medco Pharmacy

within 90 days of the generic’s expected launch date. The remainder of the prescription will be filled with

the generic version when it becomes available. The cost of the partial supply will be pro-rated for the

member based on how much of

Plavix is supplied and how much of clopidogrel will be supplied.Please educate your customers about this potential cost-saving development.