Whats happening in health care, by the numbers…

Most of my clients believe they live in the State with the highest medical premiums.  A recent study showed the most expensive states to actually be: 

1-  New York ($15,120 for annual family coverage)

2-  Rhode Island

3- Connecticut

4-  Florida

5-  New Hampshire.

I would have gotten number 1 right – that was easy.  The rest 2, 3 and 5 are very intriguing.  I suspect New Hampshire is because of the small number of providers.  Not sure about Connecticut and Rhode Island as these are pretty urbanized.

In 2003, there were 13 states where the annual premium was less than the median income.  Now there are none.  Family Health Insurance now averages almost $1200 a month in the United States, but even in the least expensive state (Alabama) family premiums averagd $948 a month. 

74% of workers now face a deductible to access health care, and in 2010, that deductible exceeded $1000 in 29 states.  As a side note, in 2003 not one state had an average deductible of $1000 or more.

According to a recent report from TeleVox, How Patients handle their care is actually quite scary: 

–  83% don’t follow treatment plans from their doctor exactly.  Doctors estimate the number is actually 95%.

–   75% don’t follow Doctors orders on how to take their prescritpion drugs, leading to 125,000 patient deaths each year.

–  33%  never even fill the prescription.

Interestingly, most health care professionals “beleve with proper motivation and coaching, the majority of patients will take the necessary steps to do whats required to become health,”  only 25% believe thats their job.