Carolina Care Pharmacy Network Notes







 Walgreens Is Still Part of the Medco Pharmacy Network

Walgreens recently announced it will be ending its relationship with Express Scripts, Inc., (ESI) effective

January 1, 2012, but please be aware that the chain remains a part the Medco Health Solutions, Inc.,

(Medco) retail pharmacy network. Members of Medical Mutual and its Family of Companies with

prescription drug benefits through our relationship with Medco will still be able to purchase prescriptions at

their local Walgreens after January 1.

Regulatory approval for ESI’s acquisition of Medco has not yet been issued, so each company continues to

operate independently. Any announcements from Walgreens or ESI do not impact the Medco pharmacy

network at this time. More information about the pharmacy network will be available at the time the merger

is fully executed.

As a reminder, please refer to the Medical Mutual Pharmacy Chain Listing on the


Prescription Drugs pageof the

Producer’s Guide tab on MyBrokerLink for retail pharmacies available through the Medco retailpharmacy network.

Vaccine Administration Covered at Retail Pharmacies

Effective September 15, 2011, a qualified, trained and registered pharmacist at a retail pharmacy within the

Medco network will be reimbursed for


administering a vaccine to a member if the vaccine itself iscurrently covered under the member’s prescription drug benefit. Both the vaccine product and the

administration fee must be submitted through the Medco

TelePAID® System; processing will followstandard claims processing already in place. Before September 15, network pharmacists were unable to

submit this administration fee online, and members had to pay out of pocket and submit a paper claim to

Medical Mutual for reimbursement.

This added service is available to all Medical Mutual and its Family of Companies members who have

vaccine coverage through their prescription drug benefit and who receive the vaccine at a pharmacy

participating in the Medco retail network (subject to plan design).

Groups that do not cover vaccines and groups that do not use Medco

are not affected by this change.